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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Last Week Of School....

Just realized it's been a week since I posted anything. It's been a busy week. Last day of school for kids was yesterday and for teachers was today. I will have to go back tomorrow because I didn't get everything done. I am moving classrooms once again and still have a mess in both classrooms. I even got to work early this morning so I could get it done! Oh will get done!
Had to say goodbye to two wonderful teachers today. One is retiring and one is moving back to administration. Had a great talk with both of them. I really think both of them are wonderful people and we have truly lost two wonderful people who absolutely love their kids..
Karen is still trying to tell me how to run my summer school...I don't know why she thinks she has a say, but that is what she thinks...I know that she is trying to help, but I'm going to do thing my way and it's going to be successful.
Had two little Russian girls sign up today...they know very, very, very, very little English. It should be fun to work with them.
Had a wonderful little guy enroll this week, as well. He will be my favorite student and will be teacher's pet. I can't help it - it's my grandson, Jaxon! He will be coming on Thursday's - and he is very excited about it! He is coming complete with pencil box, pencil, eraser and flash cards!

Things that made me smile this week....
  1. Jaxon will be in my summer school!
  2. I will have two Russian girls in summer school!
  3. Hubby is officially cancer free!!!
  4. Wonderful dinner with most of the Wichita kids.
  5. Our flash mob turned out absolutely wonderful! And the kids LOVED it!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Yup...Another Day...End of the School Year...

Today was a pretty good day. I just really don't like this time of year!!! Not enough to do!

Today we had our first Moving on Up day at school. Basically each grade level visited the next higher grade level - for example - first grade visited second grade and so on. Everyone seemed to think it went off pretty well. I sat in a kindergarten class with the preschoolers. They were so tiny! And brilliant! They all knew most of the alphabet, knew their colors and could write their names pretty well. I think I saw at least one kiddo that could be mine next year.

We also had our talent show today. We have some pretty talented kids! We saw singers, dancers, pianists, violinists and comedians among others. Wish I could have taped them all, but my phone wouldn't work long enough. They were all great.

We also practiced for our flash mob again tonight. Can't wait to do this! I'm really excited to see the reaction of the kids. We are having so much fun doing it. Just a few more practices and we will be done.

5 things that made me smile today...

  1. American Idol....Candice Glover won!!!
  2. Easy dinner....egg sandwiches!
  3. Beautiful sunny day that allowed us to have the screen doors open...
  4. Hubby has a job opportunity...
  5. One of my hubs had over 40 views in 24 hours - not a lot for some people, but for me it's amazing!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hey....I've Had A Class or Two...

I know I'm not perfect. I don't pretend to be. I have never been comfortable with people telling me how smart they thought I was - I never felt smart. But on the same token, I don't like to be told - or made to feel -that I am stupid. One thing I know a lot about is kids. I love kids. I love being around them. I love watching them and learning from them. I like trying to figure out what is going on in their little minds. I love studying about them and do everything I can to learn more. I am not an expert. Not by a long shot. But I am comfortable saying I know what I am doing when it comes to kids.
Which makes it irritating and even hurtful to have someone question by abilities. Not as a teacher - but as a grandmother. There are some who say I'm too lenient. Who say that I spoil my grandchildren too much. And by spoiling them, they are not just saying that I buy them too much - which I do - and will continue to do - but that I let them get away with too much. That I'm not strict enough. And that I spoil my grandchildren not just because I love them and - well - because I am a grandmother and it's kind of my job to spoil them - but that it's because I don't understand the psychology of a child. That I don't understand how the behavior of a child and the way he or she is treated at home (or grammy's house) can affect the way he or she will act at school. Never mind that I work every day with children with behavioral issues. Never mind that I have a Master's Degree in special education with an endorsement in behavioral disorders. But because I pick and choose my battles with smart, intelligent, young grandchildren who want to push their limits - who want to explore every avenue of their environment. Grandchildren who are at the age where they are stubborn and who you can battle every moment with if you choose to. And some choose to. And that's okay. It's not my way of doing things, but it's still okay. I know, for instance, that my three year old grandchild will fight getting his clothes on because he likes to be naked. I also know that he must wear his clothes when he goes to daycare or leaves the house for any reason. It's a battle I choose to fight because I know it's needs to be fought. I also know that this same grandson doesn't always want to sit down and eat and entire meal. He sometimes wants to get up and play after taking a few bites. He almost always goes back to eat a few more bites and take a drink. This is another battle I can choose to fight. Depending on the day and what we have planned, I will either fight that battle or not fight that battle. If we are just chilling at home - it's not a battle I choose to fight. It's not worth my time and trouble or the tears and screams of an unhappy three year old.

Other people choose to call me "too lenient" or "gullible" or "too likely to give in" when I choose not to fight the battles. To them, I am "letting" my grandchildren "get away" with behaviors I shouldn't let them get away with. And they believe that by me doing this I don't understand the psychology of a child's mind. That, somehow, if I let my grandchild get away with this at my home, he or she will that it's okay to do the same thing at school - or at mom and dad's home.

I always want to tell them the same thing I tell my students at school. There are different rules for different situations. Kids need to learn this - the earlier the better. Imagine see a group of men on a field. They are all chasing a ball. Some are knocking others down. No one gets mad or upset because its okay in this situation. Put that same group of men on a court inside a building with a ball of a different shape. Now it is not okay to knock people down. If you hit another man too hard, or in a certain way, you will be made to sit out of the game. It's just the difference between football and basketball. No one questions that rules are different for the two games - for the two different situations. It's just the way it is.

That's just kind of the same way it is when a child moves from his or her own home - to a grandparents home - to school. They learn that there are different rules for different situations. Grammy might be a little more lenient than a teacher at school. Heck - Grammy will be different at home than she is at school.

It's just the way it is...

5 things that made me smile today.

  1. Proof that God is out there and He is watching over us at all times.
  2. TV show about Star Trek and how it affects science fact.
  3. Only one small problem from my little angel today.
  4. Water play - watching it and not being a part of it.
  5. A great American Idol - Kree Harris(on?) and Candice Glover as the final two.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Students Have Improved A Great Deal!

Didn't write last night because I came home and just fell asleep...and woke up late and was too tired to do anything. I really, honestly can't remember anything from last night! And there was really no reason for me to be that wiped out. It was a decent day at work. No big problems - no big celebrations. Just a regular day - which at this time of year is saying something.

Did some assessments with the kids today. I am happily surprised at their progress this year. They have all come a very long way. From not knowing all of their sounds at the beginning of the year to reading books on their own at this time of the year. I am very proud of them. I have great students this year.

Had our teacher appreciation lunch today. Nothing too big - lunch catered by Carlos O'Kelley's. It was good - ruined my three day diet, but oh well...I'm gonna do a variation on it anyway. Kind of three days on - one or two days off - then three days on again. Something like that. I don't know how long I'll stay on it - but it will keep me under my calorie count at least.

Going to the zoo with the first graders tomorrow. Should be a great day. I'll have a group of 2 - one of my kiddoes and one little tough guy. But it should be fun anyway...not too bad. Love the zoo...can't wait to get there and see all the animals.

Things that made me smile today!

  1. My students have all improved this year in both reading and math.
  2. Talked to Tabitha for a great long time on the phone.
  3. Somehow Tami and I's phone decided to call each other. We ended up talking for quite a bit, but still can't figure out how it happened. She didn't call me and I didn't call her!
  4. My cousin Trina called tonight and has a bunch of stuff to give me for Joy's Hope.
  5. I made our music teacher smile - my little lady was screaming in music today and her teacher heard her in our hallway. I went to get her and talk to her. I told my little lady that her screams were hurting the music teacher's unborn baby's ears. Little lady felt bad about that. When I told the music teacher that, she thought it was cool and smiled. Said she wished she had thought of that....

Monday, May 6, 2013

Talking Helps...

What a wonderful night. Tami called me this morning and wanted to know if she and Olivia could come over tonight. Of course I said yes. She came over at around 6pm and just left at about midnight. We sat and talked and watched Olivia play and then she decided it was time to go home. I carried Olivia out to the car and Tami wanted to talk for a "few minutes" while she smoked a cigarette. That few minutes turned out to be be three hours! After Tami put Olivia in the car seat, she immediately fell asleep, so we just continued to talk...and talk...and talk some more.
We talked about everything under the sun. We talked about her divorce. We talked about our relationship. We talked about what we had both done wrong - and what we had done right. I told her that I could tell that she was a wonderful mom and that she has become a wonderful person. We talked about the fact that I didn't always like her choices but that I always loved her and that I loved the way she made things work. She is a very creative person and she can make things work the way they need to work for her and her daughter.
I told her how proud I was of her. I realized how much she has grown up in just the last few months. She is an amazing young woman and I have to start giving her more credit. She loves her little girl, and her little girl so obviously loves her.
I see some of the things that she does with the kids she babysits - she has so many wonderful ideas for them! I can't wait to see what she does as Olivia grows bigger!

I have to stop and think - I have two wonderful daughters that I raised. Mostly on my own. Their dad was their physically - but he wasn't really there. Both of these girls have become awesome young women and wonderful parents. They love their children with every molecule in their bodies and each of them - in their own ways - is doing what they think is the best for their children. They live their lives for their children. Both of them have figured out how to be stay at home moms while still working to provide for their children.
I think about how wonderful they are - and I have to think that I had something to do with the way they turned out. They have my values. They want what is best for their kids. They want to play and have fun with them. They want to make happy memories with them - even if the times aren't always the happiest, they want their children to have happy memories. And they get that from me. I'm not trying to brag or to say that I am perfect - because I am far from perfect. I'm just trying to say that maybe I'm not so bad after all....

5 things to make me smile today...
  1. Early morning phone call from Tami wanting to come over tonight.
  2. Choosing a scholarship winner for the Seltzer scholarship.
  3. Having my student Madison (who has Asperger's) tell me "You are my precious Mrs. Campbell!" after she had a bad temper tantrum.
  4. Seeing a picture of a student from Rainbows - from nearly 20 years ago - in the district newsletter. And he still looks like the same ornery little boy that he was back then!
  5. Watching Olivia and her mama play and cuddle together. Especially when Tami pretended to be asleep and Olivia crawled up beside her and put her face on her mama's face and pretended to sleep, as well.
  6. Bonus smile: Olivia eating her hot dog off the plate with her mouth - like a puppy dog! It was hilarious! Got a picture, too!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Good Weekend

This weekend has been good - but not as good as the past two weekends! Yesterday was Courtney and Spenser's baby shower for Jameson. LOTS of people there....lots that I didn't know! Made it a little tough at times...but I made it through...mostly because of the grandkids...of course Jaxon was there and so was Olivia - and my bonus grandson Kaiden (Spenser's nephew - he calls me Grandma J! Love him!) Playing with them took my mind off of the crowd.

After the shower, Russ brought Olivia over, so we had some bonus time with her. It's so cool, she was trying to walk and actually taking a few steps here and there. She is growing so fast!

This morning, Courtney called and wanted to know if we wanted to watch Jax for awhile. Of course we did! He and I had a great time playing super heroes, bears, making tape sculptures and just overall having fun. I love that boy! He just makes me smile! He also helped me clean up the house, so I feel accomplished this weekend, as well.

5 things that made me smile this weekend:

  1. Jaxon saying "I ATE THE BONES!!"
  2. Jaxon saying "I'm not sleepy" Right before he fell asleep!
  3. Watching Olivia walk!
  4. Hearing Kaiden say "Hi, Grandma J!" and running to give me a hug!
  5. Seeing adorable pictures of the KC grandkids on Facebook.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Just A Day...

Another long day today. Science experiments for the second day meant kids stayed in the classroom again. Science stuff was cool, but I was still left with nothing to do for most of the day. Just plain boring! I want to work with the kids - not try and find something else to do! I did get some packing done - so I guess that was good.

Overall not a bad day. No real sad real that was good.

Had our Survivor Party at work tonight. Did our mental challenge - goofy questions about teachers, physical challenge - using pizza boxes to move ping pong balls, then used flippers to bounce the ping pong balls - then we played volley ball with two beach balls. It was just too much fun!

Things to smile about today!
  1. Survivor party.
  2. Getting the summer school info out to kids.
  3. Watching the Change Up.
  4. Hug from hubby.
  5. Cheap tacos!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Don't know what's going on today. I'm sure having a lot of anxiety issues today. Right now, as I write this, my heart is racing like crazy. I am having trouble catching my breath. I feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest. And there is really no reason for it. I'm scared to death and don't know why. I really don't know what's going on. I'm taking my medication just like I am supposed to be. This is just driving me so crazy.

On another was just too long and boring. Too much going on in the regular classrooms and nothing for me to do...usually in cases like this, I try to get some paperwork done. This year all of our paperwork needed to be done by May 1st, so there was nothing left to do. I did clean my desk...and get a book made for RD...But that was about it.

Can't write for now...just can't
5 things that made me smile...

  1. Free sandwich from the Schlotzkey's guy.
  2. Pancakes for supper.
  3. Three top people on Idol are the three I wanted.
  4. .....