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Monday, April 29, 2013

It's A Monday...

Not too bad of a day...Little Miss had a good day so that made life easier. We all had our picture taken for Leslie's retirement calendar...we did a 70's hippie type picture...It was really kind of fun. Especially when Julie got all dressed up - she looked pretty authentic - especially when she found the 'shrooms outside!

Not too much else going on today...had a pretty good panic attack...wasn't full blown, but close enough.

A cool thing happened tonight...I was trying to get word out about the fundraiser for Joy's Hope, so I blasted a few people with the link....Clint Bowyer, Delana Harvick and Kevin Harvick among them. A little while later, hubby got pretty excited. He said "Kevin retweeted your link!!" I didn't believe him at first - it was too unbelievable! But then I checked it out, and he did!!! We will see if it did any good.

5 things to smile about...

  1. Kevin Harvick retweeted my tweet! How cool is that! 
  2. Hippie pictures.
  3. Went to the bookstore and bought Duck Dynasty book.
  4. My students are awesome! They can always make me smile.
  5. Cute smiley picture of Samantha.

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