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Friday, April 19, 2013

Roller Coaster

Well, here are the five things that made me smile today...

  1. Found a solution to a money issue we had today.
  2. Talked to Tabitha and Tami today and both were very pleasant conversations.
  3. Boston Marathon bombers were caught - one died...(that didn't make me smile, but I'm happy he can't terrorize anyone else...)
  4. Hubby's news from the doctor was better than expected.
  5. A tweet about the capture of suspect #2..."If your gonna use a boat to escape...make sure it's in water...not Watertown! :)"
Today was a real roller coaster kinda day. Began happy because it was payday...then depressed because of some issues with the check. Then happier again because I came up with some solutions for those issues. Then things went downhill again...I was bawling like a baby and laughing out loud within two seconds of each other.
It's also the beginning of a sad weekend...Mom's birthday would be Sunday...she would have been 67...I still miss her so much...I can't believe she is gone, even after all this time. I had to go to the urologist today and was told that I will need surgery soon on my ureter...scary...because of my horseshoe kidney I have to go to KC to have a specialist do the the past, I would have called Mom and told her about it right there is no one to talk to about it..I told the girls about it, but I have to be brave when I talk to them. When I talked to Mom, I could tell her how I really felt...tell her how scared I really am to even think about it...even though I trust the surgeon and the urologist who says this surgeon is the best at what he could cause all kinds of problems if there is any problem at could cause issues with could lead to kidney could cause all kinds of problems...and it's scary.
On a good note, Jaxon is coming over will be a fun day...and Samantha will be here before next weekend and we will get to go and visit her...and see Miles and Tabitha and Patrick...I can't wait!

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