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Monday, April 15, 2013

Tough Week

Went to see Sherry, my therapist, tonight after work. Sat and bawled the whole hour. It just seems that last week was especially tough - and no real reason for it. Depressed and feeling sorry for myself. Told Sherry that and she laughed and said it was a good sign that I could recognize that. She made me think some things through and I realized things aren't all that bad - could be worse. I have a great family - and while I might not have heard from them during the weekend it didn't mean anything. Belle Plaine doesn't have the greatest cell phone service - it wouldn't be unusual for them not to call me. If I had really wanted to go, I should have gotten off my butt and gone out there and quit having a pity me party.
On another note- Spent the day at an in-service with Anne - the principal. She wanted to hear more about the summer school and was pretty impressed with what I'm doing. That made me feel pretty good. I'm getting pretty excited about it.
Anyway - maybe this week will be better...

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