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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Problems...Just Typical Problems...

Another day...another dollar...or so they old saying goes. Not a bad day. Typical work problems - ones that created new problems! Little lady with autism having autism problems and another little lady with so many problems we just don't what the problem really is! (Did that make sense? I don't think so...) Just a typical day...with meetings. IEP meeting that went pretty well...could give a parent some decent news...his son is improving...nowhere near grade level, but improving steadily.
Came home to a mess...hubby not feeling well again...weekend was too much, I guess and he is over tired. He says he wants to help out, but then there is always a reason he can't...legitimate reasons, but no help, nonetheless....makes things kinda tough some times...Seems like I'm just rambling tonight, so I will find my 5 reasons to smile for today.

  1. Rhonda was at work today - she always makes me smile!
  2. Tabitha and the baby went home from the hospital...she shared a cute picture.
  3. Learned how to make a meme...
  4. Nice women at the order right!
  5. Kitchen is now a little cleaner! :)

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