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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Students Have Improved A Great Deal!

Didn't write last night because I came home and just fell asleep...and woke up late and was too tired to do anything. I really, honestly can't remember anything from last night! And there was really no reason for me to be that wiped out. It was a decent day at work. No big problems - no big celebrations. Just a regular day - which at this time of year is saying something.

Did some assessments with the kids today. I am happily surprised at their progress this year. They have all come a very long way. From not knowing all of their sounds at the beginning of the year to reading books on their own at this time of the year. I am very proud of them. I have great students this year.

Had our teacher appreciation lunch today. Nothing too big - lunch catered by Carlos O'Kelley's. It was good - ruined my three day diet, but oh well...I'm gonna do a variation on it anyway. Kind of three days on - one or two days off - then three days on again. Something like that. I don't know how long I'll stay on it - but it will keep me under my calorie count at least.

Going to the zoo with the first graders tomorrow. Should be a great day. I'll have a group of 2 - one of my kiddoes and one little tough guy. But it should be fun anyway...not too bad. Love the zoo...can't wait to get there and see all the animals.

Things that made me smile today!

  1. My students have all improved this year in both reading and math.
  2. Talked to Tabitha for a great long time on the phone.
  3. Somehow Tami and I's phone decided to call each other. We ended up talking for quite a bit, but still can't figure out how it happened. She didn't call me and I didn't call her!
  4. My cousin Trina called tonight and has a bunch of stuff to give me for Joy's Hope.
  5. I made our music teacher smile - my little lady was screaming in music today and her teacher heard her in our hallway. I went to get her and talk to her. I told my little lady that her screams were hurting the music teacher's unborn baby's ears. Little lady felt bad about that. When I told the music teacher that, she thought it was cool and smiled. Said she wished she had thought of that....

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