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Friday, May 3, 2013

Just A Day...

Another long day today. Science experiments for the second day meant kids stayed in the classroom again. Science stuff was cool, but I was still left with nothing to do for most of the day. Just plain boring! I want to work with the kids - not try and find something else to do! I did get some packing done - so I guess that was good.

Overall not a bad day. No real sad real that was good.

Had our Survivor Party at work tonight. Did our mental challenge - goofy questions about teachers, physical challenge - using pizza boxes to move ping pong balls, then used flippers to bounce the ping pong balls - then we played volley ball with two beach balls. It was just too much fun!

Things to smile about today!
  1. Survivor party.
  2. Getting the summer school info out to kids.
  3. Watching the Change Up.
  4. Hug from hubby.
  5. Cheap tacos!

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