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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Good Weekend

This weekend has been good - but not as good as the past two weekends! Yesterday was Courtney and Spenser's baby shower for Jameson. LOTS of people there....lots that I didn't know! Made it a little tough at times...but I made it through...mostly because of the grandkids...of course Jaxon was there and so was Olivia - and my bonus grandson Kaiden (Spenser's nephew - he calls me Grandma J! Love him!) Playing with them took my mind off of the crowd.

After the shower, Russ brought Olivia over, so we had some bonus time with her. It's so cool, she was trying to walk and actually taking a few steps here and there. She is growing so fast!

This morning, Courtney called and wanted to know if we wanted to watch Jax for awhile. Of course we did! He and I had a great time playing super heroes, bears, making tape sculptures and just overall having fun. I love that boy! He just makes me smile! He also helped me clean up the house, so I feel accomplished this weekend, as well.

5 things that made me smile this weekend:

  1. Jaxon saying "I ATE THE BONES!!"
  2. Jaxon saying "I'm not sleepy" Right before he fell asleep!
  3. Watching Olivia walk!
  4. Hearing Kaiden say "Hi, Grandma J!" and running to give me a hug!
  5. Seeing adorable pictures of the KC grandkids on Facebook.

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