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Saturday, April 27, 2013's a great weekend...grammy time!

Happy at the moment. Sharing the evening with Tabitha, Patrick, Samantha and Miles and the Yorks. Samantha is an absolute doll and Miles is so proud of her. He had to show her off and then wanted to hold her. Got a great picture of the three of us together. Sure made a bad weekend better. Really didn't have the money to come up here, but hubby had some money put up so I could come. That just proves how much he takes care of me. He's a good hubby.

Don't want to dwell on any of the bad stuff right I'll make it short and just add the 5 things that make me smile:

  1. Seeing Miles
  2. Seeing Samantha.
  3. Jousting with Miles.
  4. Nice drive to KC even though I missed my turn.
  5. Quiet time alone right now.

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